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Trans-Persons – Skill and Educational Support

Transgender Empowerment Programs in India: We are at the forefront of fostering an inclusive society with our Transgender Empowerment Programs.

Transgender Empowerment Programs in India: Dream India Network is at the forefront of fostering an inclusive society with our Transgender Empowerment Programs. We aim to support transgender individuals, including those who are sex workers, by acknowledging their right to a dignified life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our initiative provided crucial assistance to nearly 1,500 people, offering food, nutrition, and skill development in various domains such as tailoring, cooking, and computer literacy.

Our skill development and educational support projects are designed to empower transgender persons, enabling them to thrive and contribute fully to their communities. The Transform Project, a key part of our initiative, supports hundreds of students in their educational pursuits, highlighting our commitment to transgender rights and well-being.

By providing cultural evenings, regular medical assistance, and promoting community awareness, DIN's programs strive not only to support the transgender community but also to break down societal barriers, fostering acceptance and equality.

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