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Adoption of  Schools

Adoption of Schools

Quality education is pivotal in breaking India's cycle of poverty, particularly as many impoverished children attend government schools, while others lack access altogether.

We firmly assert that the government bears the responsibility of furnishing citizens with quality education. Yet, given the current landscape, collaboration between the government and non-governmental sectors is essential to realize this vision. Dream India Network recognizes significant potential in partnering with various stakeholders, leveraging existing infrastructure and human resources. Through this collaboration, we aim to devise models that render education accessible to the most disadvantaged children in local communities. These models must be replicable, cost-effective, and uphold high standards. Thus, by uniting efforts and resources, we can transform education accessibility for India's underprivileged, ultimately breaking the chains of poverty. We do have nearly 800 children in two adopted schools 3 high quality preschools in south India and many such incentives are in pipe line.

We explore the following possibilities to provide free education to the needy in various localities through partnerships with the government and private sector:

1. Adopting government schools and transitioning them into English-medium institutions while ensuring adequate emphasis on the local language.
2. Adopting existing schools or constructing new private schools.
3. Establishing high-profile preschools in poverty-stricken and slum areas.
4. Setting up three additional classrooms in private schools to accommodate special children from the locality, facilitating their education and continued engagement.

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