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Foster Home

Foster Home

Poverty, financial hardship, and social exclusion often deny children the nurturing care they deserve, leading to temporary custody relinquishment by single parents or guardians. While Dream India Network views institutionalization as a last resort, DIN Foster Homes provide an alternative family environment for marginalized children, prioritizing their safety and holistic development. Aligned with Indian guidelines, each home accommodates up to 8 children aged 6-18, managed by trained staff. They offer comprehensive care, including quality accommodations, medical services, and education at premier English-medium schools. Currently, 102 homes support 816 children across South India, notably in Bangalore. Since inception, nearly 1,224 children have benefited, with some reintegrated into families as situations improved. DIN remains committed to extending its services to thousands more marginalized and vulnerable children with the support of dedicated ambassadors.

The types of foster homes we aim to develop in the future include:
• Homes for children at Risk providing both formal and technical education.
• Homes for special children
• Children who are differently abled
• Homes for children infected with HIV/AIDS
• Homes for those who are intellectually challenged -Special Home
• Home for children who are Terminally ill

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