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Destitute Care

Our Destitute Support Services focus on restoring hope and dignity to the homeless and destitute.

Our Destitute Support Services focus on restoring hope and dignity to the homeless and destitute.

  • The CFS - District Program for Destitute, known as Colour the Fallen Stars, embodies our commitment to rescue, rehabilitate, and support destitute individuals. Operating in 4 districts, this initiative has positively impacted nearly 7,000 lives, showcasing our dedication to destitute rehabilitation.

  • Grace Home for the Destitute People provides a safe haven, offering care and promoting independence for those in need. With 13 homes currently active, our aim is to expand these homeless support services, ensuring more individuals receive the care they deserve.

  • The Free Grace Hospitals & Nursing Caring Centres address the critical healthcare gap, offering comprehensive medical services to those without support. This project, alongside our efforts in supporting homes for the homeless, underscores our holistic approach to destitute support services, ensuring no one is left behind.

Through these projects, DIN is not just offering support but is actively working towards a society where dignity and care are accessible to all, making a significant difference in the lives of the destitute and homeless.

Educational support

Adoption of Schools

Foster Home

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