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Dream India Network's Children program nurtures young lives, providing safe foster homes, accessible quality education, and targeted support to marginalised youth for a more equitable and promising future.

Dream India Network's (DIN) Child Care Programs aim to provide a comprehensive support system for marginalized children in India.

  • Our Foster Home project offers a nurturing environment for children affected by poverty, ensuring their safety and holistic development. With 102 homes across South India, we prioritize quality accommodations, medical services, and education in English-medium schools, touching the lives of over 1,224 children.

  • Our Adoption of Govt/Private Schools project focuses on creating affordable education spaces, partnering with stakeholders to make learning accessible to the most disadvantaged. With nearly 800 children already benefiting, we strive to expand our reach, adopting schools and establishing high-profile preschools.

  • Educational Support for the Marginalized is another cornerstone, directly impacting close to 5,000 students with scholarships and guidance, enabling them to pursue education in fields like medicine, despite economic or physical challenges.

This approach ensures that DIN's Child Care Programs not only support the immediate needs of marginalized children but also lay the groundwork for their future success.

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