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educating the poor



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Will you light a child's future? Empower a village? Support education and women's empowerment? Your donation sparks hope and creates lasting impact. Join us in shaping brighter tomorrows.

volunteer at dream india network

We welcome global volunteers across our diverse initiatives. Offer your time, expertise, resources, and skills in projects from education to empowerment, including support for vulnerable youth. Join us in our mission to create transformative change.

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Share the impact, spread the word. Tell friends and family about your journey with Us and let's inspire change together.


Empower, Transform, Unite: Building Brighter Futures Together

Dream India Network (DIN), based in Bangalore, catalyzes societal change by empowering marginalized communities through education, empowerment, and comprehensive care. As a beacon for NGOs and social visionaries, we champion dignity, equality, and holistic development. Our mission unites grassroots efforts to forge a just society. Join our journey towards creating a brighter, harmonious future for the vulnerable and underserved."

Our Mission in Action



Alliance for Impact: Inviting Corporate Support

Dream India Network invites corporates to join our cause for social change. Invest in our impactful initiatives to fulfil your CSR goals with transparency and professionalism. Your support is crucial in building a better future. Partner with us for meaningful impact.

Our Motto

If you have a Dream we have a plan. If you have a plan, we have a platform


Our Mission

Upholding of dignity of the most deprived people and developing a harmonious society by partnering with like-minded individuals, organizations and networks

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