Our Vision

The vision of Dream India Network is to see ‘Realization of a just society by upholding human dignity, equality and harmony’.


Dream India Network (DIN) is a non-profit secular platform created by and for Philanthropic visionaries. We believe that the marginalized, deserve the best chance for care, dignity and a less uncertain future irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Headquartered in Bengaluru we offer individual and organizations foundations, trusts, corporate and businesses to partner and collaborate to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and to empower and build skills and resources into youth and children.

Dream India Network follows a Social Franchise Model for Social Development –the use of a commercial franchising approach to replicate and share proven model to achieve greater social impact. Social franchising is a method of expansion for social enterprises. Consequently each project is designed to be modular with standard operating procedures and measurable outcomes ensuring ready explicability and quality assurance.


Upholding of dignity of the most deprived people and developing a harmonious society by partnering with like-minded individuals, organizations and networks

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Foster Homes

We currently have 55 Foster Homes with 8 children in each home with a ‘foster parent’ and an associated staff.

Our Foster Care program is a unique Social Franchisee Model initiative.

Grace Homes

These homes provide dignified and professional, residential care for the destitute on the streets.

How can you help?

  No help is small  

CSR- A big opportunity
We   vouch for credibility, transparency, professionalism and delivery.

Every kid has the right to a good education, right. Can you make that a reality? While you are at it, can you also create a world without discrimination against Gender, Race, Religion or Disability?


Yes. you can.


This very welcome and possible tomorrow is our dream. No, rather its the goal and we are relentlessly working towards it. Along with your support, we truly can bring about this much-needed change.

The purpose of this volunteering opportunity is to promote and possibly persuade you, into aiding us in realising our vision.


Of creating a new world order, one of social equality and coexistence.


Change is inevitable and we need it to be this. A shift towards this possibility is vital, if our kind is to survive and evolve. A future as such? It will, with your support. Your support is crucial for this to be a reality. 

Our Motto

 ‘If you have a Dream we have a plan. If you have a plan, we have a platform’.