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Empowering Voices, Changing Lives

Transgender Empowerment

Dream India Network's Transgender Empowerment Programs are at the forefront of creating an inclusive society. We stand with transgender individuals, including those facing economic hardships or discrimination, and champion their right to a dignified life. 


Number of People Impacted:

  • Assistance provided to nearly 1,500 transgender individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Around 600 individuals received vocational training in diverse skill areas.

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive Assistance: During COVID-19, provided food, nutrition, and essential support to nearly 1,500 transgender individuals.

  • Skill Development: Facilitated skill training in tailoring, cooking, and computer literacy, enhancing livelihood opportunities.

  • Educational Support: The Transform Project aids hundreds in their pursuit of education, underscoring our dedication to transgender rights and well-being.

  • Medical Assistance: Providing regular health check-ups and medical interventions.

  • Community Engagement: Hosting cultural events to build bridges between transgender individuals and wider society.

This program underscores our commitment to ensuring that transgender individuals receive the respect, opportunities, and support they need to live fulfilling lives and make valuable contributions to the community.

Call to Action
Join us in breaking down barriers and uplifting the transgender community. Your support can expand these transformative programs. Support Transgender Empowerment

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