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DREAM INDIA NETWORK (DIN) It comprises of committed individuals, institutions, trainers and researchers interested in working towards a new social order Dream India Network (DIN) is an umbrella organisation of several Non-Governmental Organizations, committed individuals and institutions, trainers, researchers and social workers who have an abiding interest in bringing about lasting changes to the quality of life of ordinary Indians. It provides empowerment and a platform to operate several good initiatives on behalf of the people whose rights are violated and who needs our hand-holding. Dream India network was started to address the issue of the low status of a large number of grass-root NGOs in India who are not adequately capacitative towards collective approach and professionalism in the field of social development. To fulfil the dream of societal transformation, the Dream India Network came to existence (DIN) to encourage and promote collective action to address the present-day growing needs of children, youth, women, and others who continue to remain marginalized in the midst of abundant un-utilized and mismanaged resources. The network consists of a team of individuals, trainers and researchers interested in working towards a new social order through an empowered and capacitative network of grass-root NGOs. Some of the core team members are NGO leaders who are convinced of the necessity in capacitative small NGOs to access resources from the government.DIN also work as a platform for several path-breaking initiates. 

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