For Children


Foster Homes

DIN Foster Homes have been visualized as safe spaces for children who have been abandoned, orphaned, born with disabilities, belonging to ethnic minorities, suffering from HIV/AIDS, or children born out of wedlock.

Student Support Programmes

Jointly conceptualized by the Dream India Network & United Way Bangalore, these programmes aim to support the higher education of capable and talented students from underprivileged backgrounds.


Elderly and Destitutes


Colour the Fallen Stars

‘Colour the Fallen Stars’  is a program wherein each district in Bangalore  is equipped with an ambulance and a cadre of volunteers headed by DIN staff.  The team rescues the destitute from the streets once alerted by call, and facilitates medical care and permanent rehabilitation.  Wherever possible, the team also seeks to reintegrate them with their families. This program also makes use of existing homes, facilities and resources available with the Government and other stakeholders for its enhancement. So far, over 1000 individuals have benefitted through this program.


Grace Homes

DIN Grace Homes provide dignified and professional residential care for the destitute on the streets. In each of the Grace Homes, the team works towards providing the highest quality of care in accordance with inmates’ individual preferences and bearing in mind their independence, autonomy, participation, personal fulfillment and dignity.

Each facility is designed to provide shelter as well as quality  medical and supportive care to  8 destitute people, enabling them to lead active, healthy and secure lives. Wherever possible  reintegration with families is undertaken. This programme is facilitated through a network of various existing hospitals. Currently DIN is supporting two hospitals, serving over 50 people at a time.


Grace Hospital for Destitutes

Grace Hospitals have been established exclusively for the free-of-cost medical care and treatment of destitute individuals. Each of the hospitals have been equipped with in-patient facilities to cater to the requirements of patients. This programme is facilitated through a network of various existing hospitals wherein an exclusive block/wing  is set aside for treatment purposes. Each hospital or nursing care unit accommodates between 8-16 or 24 individuals in need. Currently, there are two hospitals functioning in Bengaluru and more are being developed in Karnataka and India.


Open shelters for Urban Homeless

Dream India Network is a part of Impact India Consortium - a network of 7 NGOs specifically looking at Urban Homelessness in association with local governments,  and runs 14 open shelters across Bangalore. The initiative also allows for close collaboration with the City Municipal Corporation (BBMP) for allocating newer shelters and creating awareness on the condition of the homeless in the city in addition to ensuring good quality services in existing and upcoming open shelters.

The open shelter homes are 24 x7 accommodations that can take in between 25 to 50 homeless persons or migrants. The beneficiaries are identified either through street presence or are referred by individuals, institute departments or government departments.





DIN Scholarship Programme aims to support students who are unable to continue their studies and aspirations due to financial constraints. Right from primary to post graduation, students are supported throughout. Along with the scholarship, the programme also envisages and organises mentorship sessions on life skills, soft skills, personality development, social responsibility, career guidance, and value education. Students who have completed their 10th standard and those who require additional support are eligible for scholarships provided by DIN. 

Over the past 4 years approximately 5000 students from various parts of Karnataka are supported to pursue their studies. Dream India Network supports children belonging to the marginalized and the weaker sections of the society.

Career Guidance and Value Education

Career guidance and value education is aimed to help the young generation to reflect on their ambitions, interests, guidance and abilities while adhering to certain norms and upholding the value system in the society.  These programmes help students understand various aspects to build interpersonal skills,
enhance their understanding to choose a successful career and put their abilities to use. Dream India Network also provides comprehensive career guidance by assisting them in making responsible decisions and creating a better future.


Skill Development

At Dream India Network, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. Health Clinic is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.




Self help support groups

Self-help groups at the Dream India Network have been built to enable women’s empowerment, reduce poverty and enhance human development by focusing on microcredit programmes and income generation activities. In Bengaluru, 10 self-help groups focusing on issues pertaining to trans-persons problems, women’s empowerment, supporting the destitutes and elderly have been formed.   Specialised self-help groups for women have been formed in the rural areas of Bengaluru to augment their economic and social development in the society.

Skill Training Programme

To help increase work participation of women in the society and to enable them to be self-dependent, Dream India Network has initiated skill-training programmes. As part of this initiative,  tailoring programmes have been implemented in order to help participants earn a living and gain financial Independence. We have also partnered with garment companies to empower the participants to work closely with workers in the companies. Once the training period has been completed, participants are  assessed on their skills and abilities to help them build strong working skills.


Research, Advocacy & Training

Dream India Network carries out effective training of stakeholders, sound research and strong advocacy activities to help influence the volunteers and the stakeholders in transforming the lives of children, destitutes and elderly. This also helps build a safe and a protective environment for them. The training enhances empirical knowledge on issues related to children, destitutes, trans-persons and the elderly, by enabling the organisation to improve and reframe the training programmes as and when required.


Medical & Allied Services

The Dream India Network volunteer group was organized in 2010. We run campaigns, collect funds and provide financial support towards the treatment of the underprivileged who suffer from Cancer, Kidney disorders and paediatric issues. Our network of hospitals include Bowring hospital, Victoria hospital, NIMHANS hospital, Baptist hospital, St.Marthas, St.Johns, St.Philomena’s hospital and St.Theresa’s hospital. 

Underprivileged individuals in need of medical intervention are identified by DIN volunteers and partner civil society groups at different locations and are subsequently linked with resource persons, CSR groups, and other associations for the required support.





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Tree Plantation

We have initiated the planting of 1 lakhs of saplings across Bengaluru as part of an endeavour to make it a healthy place to live in.  It additionally helps other living species, including people, in many ways.


Water body rejuvenation

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.