Through this franchise model  

Are you ready to become a partner of DIN as an individual, group, organization or CSR group in a Franchise Model?


Each project of Dream India Network has been designed in a Franchise Model and is designed to be modular with standard operating procedures and measurable outcomes which render them readily replicable with quality assurance. We believe that every person, especially vulnerable woman, man, child, youth, elderly, deserve the best chance for care, dignity and a less uncertain future irrespective of caste, creed and religion.


We firmly believe that they should live in a family atmosphere experiencing all the necessary care that each one requires. Dream India is very particular that every inmate will have an opportunity to practice their religion maintaining the secular fabric of the homes. Dream India Network wants to translate these aspirations into reality. Any individual or institution that aspires the same is a natural partner of Dream India Network. A few flagship programs of Dream India Network where you can partner as an individual, association, institution or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) groups are described here


You are welcome to partner with us by taking up any one of our flagship programs.



We are a Non-Profit secular platform created by and for Philanthropic visionaries. To promote and help realise our vision of creating a new world order, one of social equality and coexistence.


We offer a range of subjects that can interest Corporate Social Responsibility circles, assuring our commitment to our initiatives and programs aimed at social responsibilities and deserving of the investment. We value and take pride in our ability to understand, maintain and support a partnership that guarantees reliability, transparency, professionalism and performance.

Our partnership through CSR will result in a tremendous boost to enable and further empower our programs.  
This will create a mutual and conscious engagement to support initiatives that benefit social and environmental issues. In turn, creating a sense of positive social value to our joint investment of time, money and effort. A truly rational and effective way of being socially responsible.

We hope through your organization’s contributions to us or other NGOs, leads to an increased implementation of strategies aimed at social good of both local and global communities in need.


The purpose of this volunteering opportunity is to promote and possibly persuade you, into aiding us in realising our vision.


Of creating a new world order, one of social equality and coexistence.


Change is inevitable and we need it to be this. A shift towards this possibility is vital, if our kind is to survive and evolve. A future as such? It will, with your support. Your support is crucial for this to be a reality. 


Ambassadors for Change

The Ambassadors for Change Program brings together students and adult mentors from across the globe to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills and prepare them to make a difference in their communities and in the society at large.


Participants will engage in workshops, organize meetings with community leaders, involve in community service activities, conduct interactive trainings, visit high schools/colleges etc., to propagate the vision and mission of Dream India Network and thus build up more linkages and partnership for the protection of children and adults from the marginalized and vulnerable communities.