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Quarantine Facility for Covid Affected children

Quarantine centres are 24 x 7 centres which are set up mainly for children – A home away from home for COVID suspected children with institutional care facilities. The centre regularly monitors the physical and psychological health of children. Required medical tests and psychosocial care services are provided. It also provides recreational facilities, accommodation, and nutritious food for children. All these services are completely free of cost. The children are given 24/7 free pick up and drop is available for the children.

Our present locations

Assisi Special School

T.C Palaya, Bangalore.

The centre functions in partnership with Assisi Special School with 40 beds for COVID affected children between the age group of 6-11 years (both boys & girls). The children who require isolation are admitted here which includes abandoned and such other category of children who need care and protection and quarantine facility during this pandemic. These children are also from various Child Care Institutions. This centre offers a quarantine facility and care for those children who have lost their parents due to COVID can also utilise the services of the centre.

Kengeri, Bangalore.


This centre is initiated in partnership with MSFS Bengaluru, an organisation working for marginalised children in Bengaluru. The quarantine centre functions exclusively for boys between the age group of 6-18 years. Most of the children admitted here are from economically backward, vulnerable and marginalised background who need care and protection during this pandemic With the assistance of a multidisciplinary team centre provides adequate care for them. It has a capacity of 40 plus beds. It has the facility to expand additional beds if required. The centre functions with the support of individual donors and other stakeholders.

Venkateshpuram, Bangalore.

Sataya Seva

The centre is opened for providing quarantine facility for two categories. The first category is girl children from the age group of 12- 18. The second category is for Mother and child . The centre can accommodate 40 children  These centres function with the support of the  donors and other stakeholder organizations. The priority is given to eligible persons who belong to marginalized and vulnerable communities.

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