Our programs

DIN Foster homes

These are small homes caring for 8 of the most vulnerable children and provide a family and safe environment conducive to their physical and personal development with a good English medium education.


Color the Fallen Stars

DIN Color the Fallen Stars is a District level program with a cadre of volunteers, staff and one or two ambulances to pick up the destitute from the streets


Empowering Transgender communities

Transgender people in India face a variety of issues. So far, these communities perceive that they have been excluded from effectively participating in social and cultural life, the economy, politics and decision-making processes. To support them and help them  DIN has created a platformng.


Dream India Health and Allied services

Dream India believes that NGOs must also play a key role in improving the public health care system by supporting its function at the grass-root level

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Research, Advocacy and Training

Evidences based on research are a poignant virtue of our interventions and programmes. DIN strongly holds that through understanding the impact of programmes and altering to ensure and sustain the holistic growth and development of the children and destitute have larger success ratio.


DIN Grace Homes

DIN Grace Homes provide dignified and professional, institutional care for the destitute on the streets.


Anganwadi Projects 

Dream India Network (DIN) in partnership with United Way Bengaluru and the Women and Child Development Department (Govt. Of Karnataka) has initiated a Born Learning Campaign


Networking and alliance building.

We believe that networking is the best way forward to maximize capacities of each other and use collective strength and resources at various levels to accelerate the growth and development of every citizen irrespective of their gender, caste, colour, religion etc. DIN works with Individuals, CSR depts., community, faith-based organizations and NGO’s to make this dream a reality.



Envisages supporting distress individuals and families living under the plastics in different parts of the city particularly slums and streets to meet their survival needs and ensuring education of children in their families.