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Medical and Allied Services

                        Historically, the Private sector is primarily considered superior to the public sector in terms of delivery and quality of healthcare services in India.  And the not for profit sector is considered as a "third stakeholder" whose role is mostly restricted to organizing diagnosis camps and advocacy. However, considering the poor performance of public healthcare services throughout the country, there is a growing realization that the role of each stakeholder including the NGOs needs to be revisited and redefined.
                Dream India believes that NGOs must also play a key role in improving the public health care system by supporting its function at the grass-root level. We are committed to identifying economically poor people who need support for medicines and hospital care. Our volunteers and civil society groups at different locations will identify such families, individuals, children’s homes and destitute people who need medical support and link them with individuals, CSR groups and other associations for the required support The free destitute hospital - coming up in Bangalore is an initiative of DIN in collaboration with many other partners- is a model which we would like to replicate. We strongly hold the urgency to develop effective and efficient models of healthcare service delivery. DIN is willing to hold hands with the public health care system at the grass-root level and explore new ways to deliver its services efficiently benefitting maximum population.

                                Dream India Network hospital volunteer group is established in 2010 and are supporting paediatrics cancer patients at many cancer hospitals and other underprivileged patients at Bowring hospital, Victoria hospital, NIMHANS hospital, Baptist hospital, St.Marthas, St.Johns, St.Philomena's hospital and St.Therasa's hospital. DIN wants to strengthen its involvement in the following areas regarding health:  Medical volunteering, blood donation and camps, financial and emotional support the needy patients, health camps in children’s and destitute homes and construction of free hospitals for destitute etc.

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