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Covid related Upcoming projects of Dream India Network

The Dream India Network is committed to providing services to Bengaluru city and various parts of Karnataka in the current stage. All our services are free of cost to beneficiaries. The success of all DIN activities is because of the partnership and association of its stakeholders.


Presently  we are looking for stakeholders such as individual donors and philanthropists for its upcoming projects:

DIN Oxy Drive

This programme provides emergency delivery of free oxygen concentrators to families infected with COVID with assistance from health professionals in different parts of Bengaluru. For this purpose, DIN is in the process of forming a group of trained volunteers. The oxygen concentrates will be delivered to the doorstep of the COVID affected family in various parts of Bengaluru by our volunteers. Interested corporates and donors can contact the Dream India Network office.

Din Oxy drive.jpg

Shanthi nilaya Community Health Care Centre, T.C Palaya


Dream India Network believes that offering respectful maternity care is part of ensuring human and woman rights. With the support of the Shanti Nilaya Hospital, a member of the DIN Hospital Network, medical facilities are provided to three categories – 1.) Covid affected pregnant woman, 2.) mother, and 3.) children below 6 years from economically backward and marginaliSed communities. We are in partner with Shanthi Nilaya Hospital to set up a 30 bedded covid care centre facility to treat Covid patients at TC Palya, KR Puram, Bengaluru.  All the beds are with oxygen facility. An ambulance facility will be provided to the needy pregnant woman, mother, and child (infants) who are infected with covid. We also offer counselling services to Covid infected pregnant woman. Round the clock medical facilities will be available in this centre. Due to the establishment of this covid care centre more people receive treatment & oxygen therapy for Covid-19 which would reduce the number of loss of lives with advanced treatment facilities



We are also in the process of replicating similar models for the care of the covid affected pregnant woman, mother and children (below 6 years)  in partnership with DIN hospital networks both in urban and rural areas in the government and private sector in different parts of Karnataka. These centres would be equipped with adequate medical facilities including oxygen bed and adequate medical staff. Dream India Network is committed to expanding its services to the Covid infected needy people who live outside the city limits of Bengaluru and even to the rural areas of Karnataka. We are in the process of setting up these facilities in rural areas and semi-urban areas with the support of Philanthropists and networking partners of Dream India Network.

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