Inter-Faith Harmony

Doing What’s Needed

To promote an environment of equality and religious tolerance, the Dream India Network introduced the Inter-faith harmony initiative. We encourage everyone in the organization to join in festivals of different religions and beliefs to spread the message of harmony and unity. This also enables discussions on relevant discussions pertaining to religion and faith which are then addressed by experienced speakers and religious intellectuals.



Your valuable contributions will help us extend support to many more individuals in need of aid.  Here are a few projects we wish to develop with your help. 

Foster Homes for:

  • Children at risk – Education

  • Intellectually Challenged – Education

  • Differently abled – Education

  • HIV/ Aids infected – Education

  • Intellectually challenged/terminally ill (Special Home)–Care and   protection

  • Technical education – Education

In future, we wish to establish more Grace Homes for the following categories

  • Elderly/ Destitute - Care/ protection

  • Intellectually challenged - Care/ protection

  • Short-stay home women/men  in distress - Care/ protection

  • Women/ men who are homeless & working - Care /protection

  • Men/women with illness/ chronic illness.  - Care and protection.

  • Mentally challenged men/women - Care and protection