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Empowering Lives, Restoring Dignity: A Haven for Destitute Health

Supporting Homes for the Homeless

DIN's "Supporting Homes for the Homeless" program is a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the capacity of organizations managing destitute open shelters and permanent shelters across districts.

​       Number of People Impacted:

  • Each centre can accommodate between 8 to 24 patients, impacting hundreds of destitute individuals across multiple districts.


  • Bolstering the capacity of shelters to serve destitute and homeless populations effectively.


  • Provision of healthcare assistance to shelters.

  • Facilitation of networking opportunities for improved care provision and rehabilitation.

  • Impact: Contributing to the overall well-being and societal stability of destitute and homeless individuals across districts.


  • Collaborative efforts with governmental and private sectors.

  • Focus on enhancing the quality of care administered in shelters.

  • Actively fostering collaboration with stakeholders for a comprehensive approach.

    Through this program, DIN aims to make substantial contributions to the welfare of vulnerable populations, ensuring they receive the support needed for a better future.

    Call to Action:

    "Take action today to support the vulnerable in our communities. Join us in bolstering shelters, providing essential healthcare, and fostering collaboration for a brighter future. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of the destitute and homeless. Join our cause and be the change!"

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