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Foundations of Compassion

Grace Home

Grace Home stands as a compassionate response to the critical issue of destitution, offering a dignified and caring environment for the marginalised. This program has already positively influenced numerous lives across multiple locations, with a vision to expand its reach further.

​       Number of People Impacted:

  • Currently housing 104 individuals in 13 Grace Homes.

  • Nearly 300 people have benefited from the program so far.

    Program Highlights:

  • Offers a protective residential care setting with a capacity of 8 individuals per home.

  • Provides comprehensive services including health care, nutritious meals, and recreational activities.

  • Focuses on personal development to promote independence and self-fulfillment.

  • Encourages family reintegration when possible.

  • Planning to expand to three homes per premise in multiple locations.

    Process of the Program:

  • Intake: Willing individuals are brought in through volunteer referrals or direct outreach initiatives.

  • Residential Care: Residents are accommodated in homes managed by dedicated teams ensuring their safety and well-being.

  • Support Services: Ongoing provision of medical care, healthy meals, and life skills development.

  • Reintegration Efforts: Whenever feasible, efforts are made to reunite individuals with their families.

  • Expansion and Adaptation: Addressing challenges such as space limitations creatively to facilitate the expansion of services.

  • Diverse Care: Categorising homes based on specific needs, such as homes for those who are intellectually challenged and temporary shelters for women and men in distress.

    The Grace Home for the Destitute People program is dedicated to nurturing "Grace Home Stars," each representing a story of hope and transformation, as it continues to strive for the well-being and independence of every individual it serves.

Call to Action:
Lend a hand in transforming lives and empowering the destitute. Your support extends beyond aid—it rebuilds futures. Stand with us in this mission of renewal. Support Destitute Liberation today.

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