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Empowering Lives, Restoring Dignity: A Haven for Destitute Health

Grace Hospitals & Nursing Caring Centres

Dream India Network's Free Grace Hospitals and Nursing Caring Centres are groundbreaking initiatives established to offer essential healthcare services to destitute individuals, overcoming the barriers they face in accessing medical care.

​       Number of People Impacted:

  • Each centre can accommodate between 8 to 24 patients, impacting hundreds of destitute individuals across multiple districts.

    Program Highlights:

  • Dedicated healthcare spaces in district/taluk headquarters for destitute patients.

  • Collaborations with private and government hospitals to provide necessary facilities.

  • Comprehensive medical care, including free medication, food, and clothing.

  • Facilities cater to both bedridden patients and ambulatory individuals needing nursing care.

    Process of the Program:

  • Identification: Destitute and bedridden individuals are identified by the police, public, or DIN staff.

  • Admission: Patients are admitted without the need for an accompanying individual, ensuring no one is turned away.

  • Medical Care: A team of medical professionals provides treatments, health check-ups, and ongoing nursing care.

  • Resource Provision: Essential resources like medicines, meals, and clothing are provided to all patients at no cost.

  • Accessibility: Centres are accessible to individuals in open shelters and permanent homes, ensuring wide reach within the district.

  • Collaborative Operation: Operates in partnership with local government agencies or private entities to enhance the care provided.

    These centres not only ensure destitute individuals receive high-quality healthcare but also aim to restore their dignity and improve their quality of life, reflecting Dream India Network's commitment to serving and uplifting the most vulnerable populations.

    Call to Action:
    Lend a hand in transforming lives and empowering the destitute. Your support extends beyond aid—it rebuilds futures. Stand with us in this mission of renewal. Support Destitute Liberation today.

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