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Enhancing Government/private schools

While the number of private schools in Karnataka are rapidly rising, government schools are increasingly being merged/shut down in the name of low-student enrolment. The narrative around government schools remains one of poor accountability and infrastructure, poorly trained or absent teachers, low attendance and pass rates of students. Children from marginalized and vulnerable communities are the worst hit in these circumstances as they are devoid of other options than sending their children to government schools or denying education to them.  The prevailing situation therefore is a double blow to them.


The DIN programme of ‘Adopting Government Schools’ therefore is an attempt to improve the quality of Government schools in the urban and rural areas of Karnataka. It envisages appointment of an additional qualified teacher in each of the adopted Government school who will follow up with families, monitor the quality of teaching especially English  and bring additional resources to improve the infrastructure of the school.  The School Adoption Programme thus aims to improve the infrastructure and quality of education in government schools in Karnataka.

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