Empowering Transgender communities

Transgender people in India face a variety of issues. So far, these communities perceive that they have been excluded from effectively participating in social and cultural life, the economy, politics and decision-making processes. A primary reason (and consequence) of the exclusion is perceived to be the lack of (or ambiguity in) recognition of the gender status of hijras and other transgender people. It is a key barrier that often prevents them in exercising their civil rights in their own gender. So far, there is no single comprehensive source on the basis of which an evidence-based advocacy action plan can be prepared by transgender activists or possible legal solutions can be arrived at by policymakers. Reports of harassment, violence, denial of services and unfair treatment against transgender persons in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodation have been discussed in local media from time to time. To support them and help them  DIN has created a platform to help them.

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