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Covid care centre (ccc)

Free COVID care centres are established mainly for children and destitute adults. These children are from marginalised, vulnerable, and poor families.  This centre functions 24 x 7 for COVID affected children where necessary medical and psychological care are provided along with nutritious food and recreational facilities.

Our present locations

Kithaganur, Bangalore.

Vianney House

This centre is initiated for Children (between 6-18 years girls and boys) who are infected with COVID 19 and who cannot afford to access adequate COVID Care facilities and medical services.  The Centre can accommodate 100 Children.  This project is implemented in partnership with the Precious Blood organisation, Divine Grace and other stakeholders.

Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

St. Theresa’s Grace Hospital

This is a free Hospital we have set up with the collaboration of United Way Bengaluru, SMMI, and Collins Aerospace.  Now this  centre caters to COVID positive cases (both men and woman) and can accommodate 20 destitute. This COVID care centre is implemented in partnership with the impact India consortium and other stakeholders.

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