Covid - 19

The second wave of the pandemic has seen hundreds of children  being orphaned or semi-orphaned, and ushered in an acute shortage of ICU beds, oxygen concentrators, monitors, ventilators, Bi-pap and C-Pap machines in both government and private hospitals.  

Under such circumstances, the Dream India Network in collaboration with individuals, institutions, volunteering, and CSR groups has helped ensure quality care and treatment to  COVID infected and affected people, particularly children and the poor through multiple interventions. Our partners in the Covid Care Centres (CCC) and Quarantine facility  initiatives include:​


Each of the centres provide accommodation, nutritious and balanced diet, quality medical care and psycho-social care, health education sessions and recreational facilities to the inmates. The centres are compliant with the Juvenile Justice Act and ensure that children-inmates are given an environment equipped with facilitated safety, recovery and good health. 

Covid care centre (CCC)

Free COVID care centres have been established for children from marginalised, vulnerable, and poor families,  and destitute adults. The centres function 24 x 7 for COVID affected children where necessary medical and psychological care are provided along with nutritious food and recreational facilities.

Vianney House - Kithaganur, Bangalore

This centre is initiated for Children (between 6-18 years girls and boys) who cannot afford to access adequate COVID Care facilities and medical services.  The Centre can accommodate 100 Children.  This project is implemented in partnership with the Precious Blood organisation, Divine Grace and other stakeholders.

St. Theresa’s Grace Hospital- Rajajinagar, Bangalore

This institution has been established in partnership with United Way Bengaluru, Impact India, SMMI, and Collins Aerospace and looks to provide treatment to patients free of cost.  Currently, the hospital can accommodate 20 destitute individuals who have tested positive for COVID.

Quarantine Facility for Covid Affected children

24/7 Quarantine centres have been instituted for COVID affected children in order to provide them a home away from home equipped with institutional care facilities. The centre regularly monitors the physical and psychological health of children in addition to running the necessary medical tests and psychosocial care services. They also provide recreational facilities, accommodation, and nutritious food for children free of cost. 24/7 free pick up and drop facilities are available for the children.

Assisi Special School - T.C Palaya, Bangalore

The centre functions in partnership with Assisi Special School with provisions for 40 beds.  COVID affected children between the age group of 6-11 years (both boys & girls) can be admitted into the centre should they require care and protection and quarantine facilities during this pandemic. Children who have lost their parents during the pandemic are also cared for at the centre.

Fides - Kengeri, Bangalore

This centre is initiated in partnership with MSFS Bengaluru, an organisation working for marginalised children in Bengaluru. The quarantine centre functions exclusively for boys between the age group of 6-18 years. With the assistance of a multidisciplinary team, the centre provides adequate care for them. It has a capacity of 40 plus beds and facilities to include additional beds on need basis. The centre functions with the support of individual donors and other stakeholders.

Sataya Seva - Venkateshpuram, Bangalore

The centre is opened to provide quarantine facilities for two categories. The first category is girl children from the age group of 12- 18 and the second category is for mother and child . The centre can accommodate 40 children  Priority is given to eligible persons who belong to marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Ambulance Services

Dream India Network has commenced a 24 x 7 Ambulance service in Bengaluru urban/other places to serve the requirement of COVID patients. Ambulances are being set up for availability on emergency call to support: 

  • Transpiration of COVID Patients (Home to hospital  for hospitalisation and return)

  • For the burial purposes of COVID persons- Transportation to burial grounds/crematoriums

Support to Frontline Workers

In partnership with United Way Bengaluru and other stakeholders, Dream India Network extended support to  frontline health workers (doctors, nurses, etc) in the hospitals of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai with PPE kits, N95 masks, gloves, face shield, ply mask, sanitisers, muffins, and pouches. In addition, nutrition, drinks & snacks were also provided to them.

Support through our network of hospitals

With the support of various Volunteer and CSR groups, Dream India Network was able to equip several of DIN’s Network hospitals with lifesaving equipment/facilities such as Ventilators, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders, ICU beds, ECG machines, Bipap, Consumables, furniture’s, Fowler beds etc during the pandemic.  Presently DIN is associated with 27 hospitals from the government and private sector in urban and rural areas in Karnataka and other states of India. Hospitals and corporate organisations interested to associate with Dream India Network can contact us.

Humanitarian Assistance

Free Ready to Eat Food- Distribution

Every day approximately 9500 to 10,000 ready-to-eat packets have been distributed among migrant labourers, slum dwellers, transgender and street dwellers living in and around Bangalore with the help of the volunteers approved by the BBMP.

Provision Kit distribution

During the lockdown, migrants, daily wage, and other workers in the unorganised sector faced challenges in meeting their essential needs. DIN provided dry ration kits to 3000 families in Bangalore and nearby districts. This support was extended to transgender persons, sex workers and other marginalised groups too.

Accommodation of Migrants

Dream India Network with its partner Impact India Consortium has directly supported nearly 4000 migrants with free food, accommodation, transportation, health facilities and COVID care treatment. In addition to this, migrants were directly looked after by DIN with the help of philanthropists through temporary shelters. The project was also implemented with the support of various philanthropists.

Pan India Provision Kit/ Grocery Distribution

Around 4300 provision and Grocery kits worth Rs. 32 Lakhs distributed among the most marginalised people in 7 state cities across the country with the help of associates of Dream India Network Bengaluru. The states and cities covered through this engagement are Coimbatore (TN), Chittoor (AP), Kolkata (WB), Etawah (UP) Saharanpur (UP), Madhepur (Bihar), Maharashtra and Delhi. This project was implemented in partnership with United Way Bengaluru.

Old age home and children’s homes

Old age homes and children’s homes were supported with food, clothes and COVID care during this pandemic.

Aiding the Distressed Families – ADFN

More than 1000 families were identified in different parts of Bengaluru who were facing challenges in having their basic needs met  . The families grouped were into clusters and were supported by the providing of grocery and dry ration kits.

Other COVID related activities

  • Dream India Network operates a helpline number for COVID patients (for information and ambulance services) with other partners like Help Bangalore.  This helpline functions 24x 7 and our dedicated partner team provides the necessary support. 

  • Direct medical assistance has been to COVID patients who are in need through our partner hospitals and organisations