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Are you ready to become  a partner of Dream as an individual, group, organization or CSR group in this Franchise Model Each project is designed to be modular with standard operating procedures and measurable outcomes which renders them readily replicable with quality assurance. can you partner with us by taking up one of our   flagship programs (A+B)


Can  you /your child /organisation sign with us  as  an Ambassador of Dream India Network and  we will begin for you a social work start up and measure the impact of the work.  This will help us to start more Foster/ Grace Homes/ Sponsorship/ Coloring the Fallen Star Project with you as an Ambassador and carry forward the dream of DIN.


Dream India Network facilitates volunteering from both from India and abroad across its various projects. Volunteers can offer their time, talent, resources, and skills in different domains, including the various projects /programs of Dream India Network. 

Who We Are

Dream India network (DIN) is a registered body that acts as a platform for individuals, NGOs, corporates and other agencies to come together for humanitarian actions especially for vulnerable woman, man, child, youth, elderly,  who deserve the best chance for care, dignity and a less uncertain future irrespective of caste, creed and religion. With its headquarters in Bengaluru, DIN  through its flagships programmes reaches out to thousands of children, men and women who are deprived of a decent life. Driven by humanness at its zenith any individual, association, institution or corporates/companies are welcomed to partner with DIN in fulfilling their humanitarian dreams. if you have a dream DIN provides you with the platform.

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Our Flagship Program

DIN Foster Homes are small homes caring for 8 of the most vulnerable children and provide a family and safe environment conducive to their physical and personal development with a good English medium education. Currently, we have 50 homes catering to the needs of 400 children and we want to provide thousands more such homes with the support of our Ambassadors.

DIN Grace Homes provide dignified and professional, institutional care for the destitute on the streets. It is designed on the same model as the Foster Homes where 8 destitute people are housed and provided adequate care, food, clothing, medical care and counseling. Hundreds of such homes are on the anvil with the support from our Ambassadors.

DIN Color the Fallen Stars is a District level program with a cadre of volunteers, staff and one or two ambulances to pick up the destitute from the streets on call or through street presence and look after their rescue, medical care and permanent rehabilitation. The team will monitor the situation of the destitute, existing homes, facilities and resources available with the Government and other stakeholders for its enhancement.

Network support for empowerment of the underprivileged (like a FEVOURED-K and Impact India), spiritual transformation and liberation, inter-religious dialogue through joint celebrations, early learning centres for the underprivileged, Youth Ambassador for Change (YAFC) empowerment, Dream India Network involvement desk (Through Ambassadors for Change) and volunteering are other initiatives undertaken by DIN.

The Born Learning Campaign (BLC) aims to provide holistic development for children between the ages of 0-6, and build school readiness in children between ages 3-6, who go to government-owned anganwadis. The Campaign was launched in September 2012. BLC is currently reaching out to 10,000 children in 122 anganwadis in Bengaluru Urban and Rural districts.

The goal is to ensure holistic childhood development of children below 6 years of age, which includes age-appropriate achievement of health milestones, and early learning to make them school-ready.

We believe education is the only solution to development and DIN will promote education sponsorships (including technical) for the marginalized children and youth. They will either go to the educational institutions close to their homes or avail boarding facilities.

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